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Signing up with Rasani is your first step towards finding the right campaigns for your call center, digital marketing traffic, and affiliates. Well connect you with buyers, and manage the campaign within our platform. Let’s execute a great campaign together! For way more information see automatenspiele. The first step is understanding what products you do best and help you move them. Register today to explore current offers or tell us what you have so we can start promoting.

Mortgage Live Transfers (broken down by loan type eventually, right now the simpler the better):

We have buyers ready for qualified live transfers. Manage your agents to contact, qualify, and correctly transfer and well handle the rest! Start dialing today!

Behalf Campaign/Mortgage:

We provide client-specific data campaigns to “Call on Behalf” of clients we connect you with. Well, provide the data, dialer, and campaign to manage it all. This campaign is usually easier to produce for and great for beginner agents


Turn your callbacks into dollars! We will pay for each agent-specific callback you post to our system. Agents need to post all pertinent mortgage information and confirm the exact time with borrowers. Recordings must be available upon request!

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