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Lead buying begins with trust and performance.
Our platform offers that and so much more. 

Rasani finds you the right leads based on your specific business needs. Detail your volume, parameters, and what you need o convert and close. Then let us find, manage and consult the right campaigns on our custom-built platform. Register today and let us know who you are and how we can help. Begin exploring our Offers section and feel confident you get what pay for.

Mortgage Live Transfers:

Making your phones ring! Give us the type of borrower you’re looking for and well connect your Loan Officers with them! Rasani and its team of affiliates will source the right data for your campaign. Agents will call, verify, and qualify the homeowner before sending them over.

Behalf Campaign/Mortgage:

Having a hard time monetizing your data and motivating loan officers to cold call? Hand over your internal marketing efforts to us. We are experts in training agents specifically for you! Let us “Call on Behalf” of your bank with your data and let us help you generate more business!


Real-Time Post Leads is a great way to give your team double verified homeowners who have been qualified and “warmed up” for a callback from an expert on lending. We specify what time of day to reach out to the borrower as well as providing all the details needed to engage and close them.

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