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About Rasani

At Rasani Consulting, we house everything from product to platform to the purchase of lead gen services. We orchestrate the details to simply deliver your needs as easy and effective as possible.

We understand relationships and have built a relationship platform. Whether a buyer or a vendor your business needs are important and our team works hard to find and manage the right relationships for you. Our lead dashboard helps keep your campaigns organized Our team consists of experts in lead gen to understand what makes sense and is good for business. We own and operate our own call centers, landing pages, and lead sources understanding from start to finish the work Vendors put in.

Live Transfers

Our agents work through cold calls and then thoroughly vet customers who are interested in your product or service to confirm eligibility. The agent then conferences in your salesperson makes a quick and professional introduction, and your team takes it from there! For conversation rates, this method reliably proves to be among the best.

Internet Leads

Rasani uses recent internet lead data to provide our customers with another way to increase sales team productivity and consistently obtain a higher than usual closure rates due to the high quality of the data provided.

Mailer Program

Many companies use direct mail to reach out to to local customers and provide targeted ads. described throughout increased characteristic concerning automatenspiele. Rasani can not only coordinate the mail drop itself, but can also do follow up calls a few days after, which has shown to be a very good way of reaching out to customers who may have missed the mailer or tossed it out.


You can’t do it alone. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran. Explore what you can outsource and allow us to consult here. We provide our own custom-built platform to manage it all. While our team of experts hands-on guide you in all your marketing needs. Here is the essential list of services we provide to help you convert, close and conquer.


  • Quality Control
  • Dialer Services
  • Account Management
  • Data Management
  • Reporting Tools
  • Recruiting and Training
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